Meet The Twin Dentists In Charlotte Bringing Double The Smiles And Education To Patients

by Gee NY
Doctors Lindsay Rennick Salone and Lauren Rennick Lockhart

Visiting the dentist can evoke feelings of anxiety for many, but in Charlotte, North Carolina, two dentists are changing that narrative.

Identical twin sisters, Doctors Lindsay Rennick Salone and Lauren Rennick Lockhart, are revolutionizing the dental experience with their innovative approach to patient care and online presence.

Known as “The Twintists” on social media, the dynamic duo uses their platforms to not only showcase their dental expertise but also to uplift women of color in dentistry, offer insider tips, and spread positivity to their followers.

Their dedication to promoting positive representation has garnered them a loyal following and made them a beacon of inspiration.

Operating under the banner of “Dual Image Dentistry and Orthodontics,” a nod to their twin sisterhood and the comprehensive services they offer, the sisters have established three successful practices in their hometown of Charlotte.

Their commitment to patient comfort and care is evident in their approach.

“Our patients say they feel right at home,” Dr. Rennick Salone shared in an interview with WCNC Charlotte. “We make it an anxiety-free environment, reassuring our patients that they’re in good hands.”

Echoing her sister’s sentiment, Dr. Rennick Lockhart added

“Let our family treat your family, and we will treat you as family.”

The sisters hail from a lineage of healthcare professionals, with their father as a physician, mother as a nurse, and older sister as a dental hygienist.

Moreover, they are married to doctors themselves, further solidifying their deep-rooted connection to the medical field.

Beyond their professional achievements, the twin dentists are also devoted mothers, each raising three children.

Their social media presence offers glimpses into their family life, dental expertise, and even musical talents, captivating over 30,000 followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Reflecting on their journey, the twins stressed the importance of nurturing aspirations from a young age.

“What you pour into your child now can help mold them into a successful adult,” they shared on Instagram.

With their unwavering commitment to patient care, dedication to community representation, and infectious positivity, the Twintists are not just transforming smiles but also reshaping the dental landscape, one patient at a time.

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