Beyoncé Goes Country with ‘Renaissance Act II’: Releases Two New Singles!

by Grace Somes
Beyoncé || Image credit: @beyonce

Beyoncé announced her new country-themed ‘Renaissance Act II album in a Verizon Super Bowl Ad last Sunday.

During her Renaissance hype, Beyoncé revealed that the 2022 album was part one of a three-act project. After months of suspense, part 2, “Act II”, is coming on March 29.

There’s no stopping the Beyhive Queen once she sets her mind on something, especially her musical ability. Although the Grammy Awards’ Country Music Committee snubbed her 2016 song “Daddy Lessons”, Beyoncé is back on the scene. And this time, it’s bigger – a whole album dedicated to the genre. 

In a Verizon ad shortly after halftime, Beyoncé subtly unveiled her new music tactfully with comedian Tony Hale about doing something that would “break the internet”.

She ran through a few variations of herself, like “Beyonc-A.I.,” a Barbie-like “Bar-bey”, a presidential “BOTUS” and “astronaut” Beyoncé while promoting Verizon’s 5G network.

Right before the commercial ended, she said, “Drop the new music.” And shortly after, Beyoncé’s website updated with the new album, “Act II,” with details about its release date set for March 29.

The first track, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” brings memories of Beyoncé’s 2016 song, “Daddy Lessons”, from her Lemonade album. 

The short clip shows her singing, “This ain’t Texas… Ain’t no hold ’em… So our lays our cards down, down, down, down.”

The second song, “16 Carriages,” another country-infused track, shows Beyoncé singing alongside a rustic beat.

“Sixteen carriages drivin’ away while I watch them ride with my dreams away / To the summer sunset on a holy night / On a long back road, all the tears I find,” she belted out the chorus.

Both cover artworks also paid tribute to the genre, with Beyoncé wearing a metallic breastplate and dangling a silver heart-shaped piece to cover her lower half for “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

For the second single, Beyoncé showed up in a black and white photo, wearing a black cowboy hat with her hair styled in a wavy bob.

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