Beyoncé’s Real Hair Revealed Amid Reviews About New Haircare Line, Cécred [Photos] 

by Grace Somes
Beyoncé || Image credit: @cecred

Did you know Beyoncé unveiled her natural locks before launching her new haircare line, Cécred?

 After months of anticipation, Beyoncé Cécred is now officially available to fans and beauty lovers worldwide.

After dominating the music world with her Renaissance tour and country music debut, the superstar targeted the beauty industry with her very first hair care line. 

Queen Bey started dropping hints in May 2023, in an uncaptioned Instagram post with a photo of herself seated at a vanity mirror, holding a curling iron and surrounded by unlabeled sample bottles.

And according to Allure, that was Beyonce showing off her infamous crème brûlée blonde tresses!

On February 6, 2024, Beyoncé officially announced the name of her hair care line: Cécred (pronounced “sacred”). A teaser post on Instagram showed footage of a hair salon that appears to be her mom, Tina Knowles’, former Houston location, Headliners, as various women wash and style their hair. Beyoncé appears briefly near the end with her head over the sink.

Before the launch, a few renowned beauty editors were invited to hairstylist Neal Farinah’s Brooklyn salon to test the products. 

According to one Bazaar editor, who was fortunate to have a first-hand experience of the world’s highly anticipated hair products, Cécred “wasn’t just another celebrity beauty brand.”

Apparently, Cécred is not only backed by extensive clinical, salon, and lab testing. But it is also a holistic way to care for one’s hair.

Allure’s editor-in-chief also shared her experience in her usual candid and frank manner. 

“My first impression upon seeing the eight-piece Foundation Collection lined up on the station: ‘Greige packaging wins again!’ But seriously, the vibe is luxury. Each bottle has a custom pebbled surface that’s meant to mimic the stone of ancient monuments. The formulas inside strike a delicate balance between keratin-infused protein treatments and oil-rich moisturizers,” Jessica Cruel reviewed. 

What is inside Beyoncé’s hair care line?

The Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub ($38) includes purple willow bark, tea tree oil, lactic acid, and microcrystalline cellulose beads. The Hydrating Shampoo ($30) contains hyaluronic acid on its ingredient list intended as a double cleanse. There are two conditioners: the Moisturising Deep Conditioner ($38) with shea and murumuru butter and the Reconstructing Treatment Mask ($42).

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