Ciara Says Motherhood Can Be A Soft Girl Era Too

by Grace Somes
Ciara || Image credit: @ciara

Ciara is enjoying motherhood’s’ soft girl era’ with her new baby, Princess Amora. 

Russell Wilson and Ciara appear to be living their dreams. The couple has had their hands full with the quarterback beginning a new chapter with the Pittsburgh Steelers and becoming a parent to four children

However, That has yet to detract from the singer’s radiant glow. Amora, a mother of four, gave her fellow mothers some inspiring words after welcoming her daughter.

By embracing the Soft Girl look, Black celebrities and influencers like Ciara are reshaping cultural narratives. Their visibility offers a powerful counter to the limited and often harmful portrayals of Black women in the media. This advocacy inspires Young Black girls to celebrate their uniqueness, defy stereotypes, and proudly embrace their individuality.

Ciara uploaded a gorgeous photo of herself with her curls to Instagram. The little arm visible at the bottom of the image was the real eye-catcher.

The 38-year-old had been breastfeeding her and Wilson’s third child together, Amora, as she clicked the snap. The dancer also added the caption, “Motherhood can be your soft girl era too.”

Ciara has a sophisticated and timeless soft-girl style. She frequently adds modern touches to her looks by incorporating silhouettes and details reminiscent of the past.

With a penchant for relatability, the mother of four masters sophistication and glitz. She wears clothing appropriate for her body type and exudes confidence in her appearance. Her song “Level Up” encourages others to live a gentle life, so there are no surprises here.

In her recent viral, Ciara demonstrated that anyone may look beautiful with the correct partner thanks to her natural hair, stacked diamond chokers, and perfect makeup

In the end, she and Wilson seemed to easily handle the dynamics of their mixed family

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