Blogger Tasha K Files for Bankruptcy After Failing to Pay Cardi B $4M in Defamation Lawsuit

by Xara Aziz
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Following a court judgment ordering Tasha K to pay Cardi B $4 million in a defamation lawsuit the rapper won against the blogger, the former has now had to declare bankruptcy.

Born Latasha Transrina Kebe, Tasha K filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this week after failing to pay the WAP rapper who sued her for defamatory comments she made about Cardi B and her family, according to The Neighborhood Talk.

In April, the YouTube personality posted that she had just paid off her $4 million debt.

But at the time, Cardi B said that she would have to check her Apple Pay since she has not received any payment.

“PSA Winos [clinking glasses emoji] I just paid off my 4 million dollar debt in cash [prayer hands emoji],” she tweeted. She then shared the same message on her Instagram.

The Neighborhood Talk reposted the claim that she had paid off Cardi B, to which the rapper commented “Mhhhhmmmm [thinking man emoji]……let me check my Apple Pay.”

On March 21, Tasha K lost an appeal to have the judgment reversed. She would later go on Instagram to apologize to the Money star and vowed to pay her.

But fans were surprised that the blogger was able to cough up $4 million so soon. It then dawned on online spectators that she announced she had paid Cardi B on April Fools Day.

Born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, Cardi B sued Tasha K in 2019 for suggesting in a YouTube video that Cardi B was a drug addict among other malicious things said about the 30-year-old rapper. She would later win the case in January 2022, with a federal jury awarding the star $4 million in damages.

Tasha K would then file an appeal stating that the judgment was a “very lopsided presentation of evidence to the jury.” But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit rejected Kebe’s appeal.

“There are two issues here. One is whether the jury had sufficient evidence to hold appellants—Latasha Kebe and others—liable for defamation (and other privacy torts) against appellee Belcalis Almanzar (better known as ‘Cardi B’). The other is whether the district court erred by excluding evidence,” the appeals court wrote. “We hold that Kebe hasn’t preserved either issue for appeal.”

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