#BossMoves: Business Baddie Bozoma Saint John Lands Starz TV Show

by Donicia A. Hodge

In case you’re wondering who Bozoma Saint John is–and why is she getting her own show…

She is a thought leader and activist within her industry, and is currently in Ghana for the #fullcirclefestival, which commemorates the 400th year since enslaved Africans were kidnapped and brought across the world vis the Transatlantic Slave trade. Follow her on IG for her journey into 2019 @badassboz. Anyhoo…

Marketing guru Bozoma Saint John is best known for working at corporations most Americans swear by on the daily, including Beats, Apple, Uber, and currently Endeavor. The Endeavor chief marking officer will now grace our television screens in a completely different way, showcasing her own brand with a new documentary series on Starz Network entitled, Being Badass.

The series will reveal in detail her experience of losing her husband to cancer and address the challenges of being a single working mom. She’ll also discuss her passion for fashion as being an essential part of her professional story.

During her time as Head of Global Consumer Marketing for iTunes and Apple Music, she was mastermind behind the Ava DuVernay-directed commercial starring Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson.

As reported by Fast Company, the phenom’s foray onto the screen will be “a cross between Anthony Bourdain: Parts UnknownMister Rogers, and The Oprah Winfrey Show … it will bring a sense of ‘purposefulness’ to a range of topics that span her personal and professional life, from her love of fashion to the challenges of being a single working mother and widow.”

The series is will begin filming in early 2019. Crowns up and congrats to Badass Boz!


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