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Political pundit and Black author Candace Owens has again infuriated Black Twitter following her recent sitdown with BET host and journalist, Marc Lamont Hill.

The proud Republican faced backlash after making remarks about the tragic police killing of unarmed Black man, George Floyd — calling him a “violent criminal” and a “horrible human being” in a video posted to her social media.

During her lengthy interview with Hill, Owens once again proved that she is anti-Black, refusing to listen to his well-researched arguments and spewing her familiar rhetoric about Black people not needing handouts and that the white man is the most victimized by police officers.

At one point during the interview, Owens even attempts to argue that it should be the officers who should be marching in protest, as they are far more likely to be killed by Black men than the other way around.

For those who follow the works of Owens, her stance will come as no shock. The podcaster has publicly condemned Ahmaud Arbery, another unarmed Black man struck down purely over the color of his skin — but she has, in the past, openly defended Adolf Hitler’s ideals of nationalism.

Owens, a staunch Trump supporter, may be vying for her command-in chief’s attention with her outlandish views — but the Trump campaign continues to distance itself from her.

The president’s outreach campaign, Black Voices for Trump, denies that she is affiliated with them.

“While she is not directly affiliated with the campaign, Candace Owens is a prominent Black supporter of the president,” said Katrina Pierson, a campaign spokeswoman, in a statement via TribLive. “Everyone has their own experiences and opinions, and not everyone agrees on every issue. That’s the beauty of America.”

In other words…


Hill should be commended for keeping a level head considering her refusal to acknowledge the importance of Black lives and the ongoing systematic racism crippling the Black community.

A valiant effort.

You can watch the full interview below.