Chris Brown Fan Says Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Over ‘Tight Squeeze’ Meet And Greet Picture

by Grace Somes
Chris Brown and a fan || Image credit: @mrdoitall7

A dedicated member of ‘Team Breezy’ claimed her boyfriend broke up with her after an apparently innocent meet-and-greet photo with Chris Brown. She shared her story online, and it has since resonated with countless others, highlighting the depth of her devotion.

The woman revealed that the breakup happened roughly a week after the photo was taken. The video of her story has received a staggering amount of attention on social media.

Fans started sharing photos on X on Friday, June 7, about the viral Chris Brown meet-and-greet. Some of the most popular ones featured Chris grabbing fans’ behinds and even planting a few kisses. Surprisingly, a large number of fans supported the VIP experience despite a small number of people protesting the high cost.

The fans were overjoyed to meet her idol, but one girl’s boyfriend’s response was anything but happy. The photo, in which she appeared with Chris Brown during a meet-and-greet, led to heated arguments with her boyfriend.

She used The admirer used social media to share her shock and grief at the split. She clarified that there was nothing romantic between her and Chris Brown in the picture; it was just a fan moment.

“This is from Columbus,” the young lady clarified where she attended the celebrity meetup. “Literally, after my picture went viral, my boyfriend broke up with me about a week later because he felt like Cris was too close to me. I just like it’s one of the most respected pictures.”

Despite the breakup, she had no regrets about meeting the famous R&B singer.

She added, “But I would trade my ex for meeting Chris Brown a hundred million times.”

The $1,111 meet-and-greet package sold out for the duration of the tour. Chris Brown could make about $800,000 if Breezy meets with 20 fans per show for meet-and-greet packages throughout 36 shows.

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