Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis Unite, Trash Blueface’s Home Together, & Address Kidnapping Claims!

by Grace Somes
Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface and Chrisean Rock || Image credit: @bluefacebleedem @officialjaidynalexxis @chrisean

Blueface’s current fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, linked up with his baby mama Chrisean Rock for the first time.

The two women in Blueface’s life showed they are the duo we never knew we needed!

In an unexpected turn of events, Blueface’s ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock and fiancée Jaidyn Alexis united to teach the rapper a lesson after he “kidnapped” his son, Chrisean Jr.

After trashing their baby daddy’s home, the pair were all giggly and appeared to be having a good time together as they sat at a gas station.

Chrisean Rock went live on Instagram, recording themselves spending time together. The livestream also included a brief phone call from Blueface, who wondered where Jaidyn Alexis was.

Chrisean Rock told her fans that Blueface got in a car accident after picking up their son from her place. She also alleged that the “Bleed It” rapper beat up her babysitter after taking their child.

Earlier, Blueface had recorded himself going to pick up their son at 4:00 AM that night. The poor baby was half naked in his father’s arms on the streets with a thin shirt and diapers with no pants or socks.

“It’s crazy. My son ain’t got no parent at four in the morning. Nobody wanna watch him. She got Marsha watching the baby at four in the morning. So she can what? Get some d*ck? Do a verse? Fck a n**a? You a boof btch. Stopping us ’cause she wanna be a bad parent to a bad parent,” he said into the camera.

In another Instagram Live, Blueface showed his trashed residence to his followers, claiming the two women were behind the disarray.

Chrisean and Jaidyn joining forces come as a shock after they have repeatedly physically and verbally abused each other.

Internet users also had a field day with “the craziest telenovela ever.” Others found the situation hilarious!

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