Did Serena Williams Get Plastic Surgery? Fans Blame Black Men For Bullying Tennis Star Into “Lion Face” Look

by Grace Somes
Serena Williams|| Image credit: @serenawilliams

The “Lion Face Controversy” fuelled by Serena Williams’s new look is growing more prominent on X as black men defend themselves against accusations that they bullied the Olympic gold medalist into altering her face.

For years, Serena Williams’ muscular face has drawn criticism for being less than feminine.

Now that she is no longer dominating the court, fans are focusing on her appearance, raising the question of whether the Michigan native has undergone plastic surgery.

Since she retired from professional tennis in September 2022, Serena Williams has dazzled in the spotlight at major red-carpet events, including the Fashion Week in Paris.

Shortly after the show’s end, the tennis superstar went viral after videos of her face drew commentary from fans, with some saying she resembled a lion.

At the event, the Four-time Olympic medalist gave an interview. But most listeners found it hard to listen to what she was saying, given how strange her face looked.

The tennis star’s new look sparked speculation on social media about whether she had undergone a cosmetic procedure.

However, not everyone is critical of Serena’s appearance. A group of X users are accusing Black men of “bullying” the tennis star into changing her appearance.

“Y’all bullied this woman relentlessly for YEARS on end. I fully support anything she’s done to make herself feel pretty, whether the public likes it or not. You all have been the most nasty, vile, disrespectful, and dehumanizing mfs when it comes to her & her black features.

“Just to clarify, when I say “anything” I’m not saying I’m claiming she’s had work done. I’m saying whether she’s switched her hair and makeup, gotten/ not gotten work,…. Who tf cares cause y’all bullied her BAD. If she does anything new, I fully support whatever it is,” one person stated in her defense.

But our black brothers on X would not let it down so quickly as they fired back with evidence that they were not the ones doing the “bullying.”

However, many celebrities use makeup contouring techniques to create the illusion of more defined facial features, so this could have been the case. Serena Williams is and has always been beautiful.

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