Embracing Self-Compassion: 7 Soulful Mantras for Self-Worthiness

by Lauren 'LC'

Hey Beautiful Souls! We all make mistakes and have flaws, but that doesn’t make us less worthy of love and compassion.  Self-compassion is about treating ourselves with kindness and understanding, just like we treat a dear friend.  This week, let’s explore 7 soulful mantras to cultivate self-compassion and embrace the beautiful truth: you are worthy, exactly as you are.

Planting the Seeds of Self-Compassion

  1. “I acknowledge my struggles with kindness, offering myself understanding and support.”

Sometimes, we get down on ourselves when things get tough.  Self-compassion means acknowledging our struggles with kindness and offering ourselves the same support we would offer a loved one.  This self-acceptance allows you to embrace your calling by showing up for yourself during challenging times, so you can keep moving forward on your journey.

  1. “I forgive myself for past mistakes, learning and releasing negativity.”

Holding onto guilt and shame can be a burden on our hearts.  Self-compassion allows us to forgive ourselves for past mistakes, learn from them, and let go of negativity.  This self-forgiveness allows you to embrace your calling by releasing the past and focusing your energy on creating a brighter future.

Nurturing the Garden of Self-Compassion

  1. “I celebrate my efforts, big and small, acknowledging my progress on the journey.”

We often focus on what we haven’t achieved, but self-compassion encourages us to celebrate our efforts.  Acknowledging our progress, no matter how small keeps us motivated and reinforces our self-worth.  This self-celebration allows you to embrace your calling by recognizing your growth and building the confidence to pursue your purpose with your heart.

  1. “I practice self-care, honoring my needs and nurturing my well-being.”

Taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s essential for self-compassion.  When we prioritize self-care, we honor our needs and nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits.   This self-care allows you to embrace your calling by giving yourself the energy and resources needed to dedicate yourself fully to your journey.

Blooming with Self-Compassion

  1. “I challenge negative self-talk with kindness, replacing criticism with encouraging words.”

Our inner critic can be our own worst enemy.  So, self-compassion encourages us to challenge negative self-talk with kindness and replace criticism with words of encouragement.  In fact, this inner kindness allows you to embrace your calling by believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.

  1. “I compare myself to myself, focusing on my personal growth and journey.”

Indeed, Social comparison is a recipe for unhappiness.  Self-compassion means focusing on personal growth and celebrating our unique journey, rather than comparing ourselves to others.  And, self-awareness allows you to embrace your calling by staying focused on your path and celebrating your wins.

  1. “I extend compassion to others, fostering a kinder and more understanding world.”

Self-compassion starts with ourselves, but it ripples outward.  What is more, when we treat ourselves with kindness, it’s easier to extend that compassion to others, creating a more positive and understanding world.  This outward compassion allows you to embrace your calling by inspiring kindness and empathy in those around you.

Remember, beautiful souls, you are worthy of love and compassion, exactly as you are.  Moreover, these mantras can serve as gentle reminders to be kind to yourself throughout your journey.  Join the Hervival community to connect with like-minded souls on their journeys of self-discovery and self-compassion!

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