Erykah Badu Seemingly Shades Beyoncé For Outfit Choice While on Tour

by Xara Aziz
Left: Instagram @aka.she.ill/Right: Instagram @beyonce

Could it be shade or are we overthinking it? Well, according to social media users, Erykah Badu called out Beyoncé for jacking her style while on her Renaissance World Tour.

On Sunday, the On & On star posted a picture of the I’m That Girl star wearing a glittery IV jersey, knee-high boots and a metallic, wide-brimmed hat while performing in New Jersey. She then wrote “Hmmm” at the bottom of the picture.

Instagram @erykahbadu

Badu then posted a picture wearing a similar hat, which has been a part of her signature look since she first arrived on the scene more than 20 years ago.

She captioned the post: “I guess I’m everyone’s stylist. favorite chrome mirror hat.

Instagram @erykahbadu

Erykah Badu recently wrapped up her national Unfollow Me Tour, which she co-headlined with Mos Def née Yasiin Bey. The tour, which lasted one month, kicked off in San Antonio and had stops in New York, Atlanta, Nashville and other cities before ending in Dallas July 23.

In a recent VIBE interview, the 52-year-old Dallas native said the tour was named to address cancel culture in today’s society.

“It definitely has to do with cancel culture,” she said. “It’s funny. It’s become a Baduizm, pretty much. Whenever someone says something in the comments, they don’t agree, I don’t care, unfollow me, doesn’t matter.”

She continued: “I also say unfollow me because I’m lost too. We all on an individual journey, we’re finding our way. So following me wouldn’t really benefit you because you are on your journey. That’s your cup you’re drinking out, this is mine. And I want to encourage people to do that too, and it’s a reminder to myself.”

Meanwhile, Beyoncé is almost done touring the Western part of the world for her world tour, which launched in May and is expected to end in October.

When it comes to style, Beyoncé said in a 2020 British Vogue interview that she played around with different fashions with her children.

“During quarantine, fashion was a place of escape for me. My kids and I came up with Fashion Fridays. Every Friday, we would dress up in my clothes or make clothes together and take each other’s pictures,” Beyoncé said. It became a ritual for us and an opportunity to handle this crazy year together. The newest Ivy Park collection was inspired by this new tradition. It consciously uses bright, bold colors to remind us to smile. I used a lot of neon yellow and coral mixed with baby blue and earth tones that felt soothing. They brought me joy and made me smile in the midst of a tough time for all of us.”

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