Savannah Soto: Pregnant Teen And Boyfriend Who Went Missing For Four Days Found Dead

by Gee NY

In a devastating turn of events, the search for missing pregnant teenager Savannah Soto and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, came to a tragic end on Tuesday, December 26.

The couple had been missing for nearly four days, sparking concerns when Savannah failed to appear at the hospital for her scheduled induced labor over the weekend.

The Valencia Lofts apartments in Leon Valley, Texas, where Savannah and Matthew resided, became the epicenter of worry when neighbors reported hearing a scream before the couple left together on Friday afternoon. The family, along with local authorities, initiated a desperate search for the young couple.

The somber discovery unfolded on Tuesday afternoon when the police were alerted to a vehicle found in the parking lot of a northwest San Antonio apartment complex.

According to CBS-19, the family received the information and promptly notified the police. Authorities, upon arriving at the scene, discovered the lifeless bodies of Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra inside the vehicle.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus addressed the media, expressing the belief that the deceased individuals were indeed Savannah and her boyfriend.

While details about the cause and manner of death remained undisclosed, Chief McManus indicated that investigators were treating the case as a potential murder.

The puzzling crime scene left detectives grappling with uncertainties, noting that the car had been in the parking lot for an estimated three to four days.

The heartbreaking saga took a darker turn as revelations emerged about Matthew Guerra’s alleged history of assaulting Savannah. Court documents suggested that Guerra was on probation for assaulting the teenager last Christmas, adding a layer of complexity to the tragic incident.

Savannah’s mother, Gloria Cordova, had previously expressed concerns about her daughter’s boyfriend, referring to him as “no good” in a Facebook post shortly after Savannah went missing. The family had utilized social media to seek help in locating the young couple, with pleas for information and a description of the car, complete with license plate TRC9447.

Amidst the ongoing search on Monday, Gloria Cordova shared poignant details about her daughter’s excitement about becoming a mother.

Savannah had decorated the nursery in anticipation and was looking forward to giving birth with her mother by her side. Cordova heartbreakingly lamented:

“Savannah was so, so happy because she was going to be a mommy. It breaks my heart.”

As the community grapples with the loss of Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra, the investigation into the circumstances surrounding their deaths continues, leaving a shattered family seeking answers and justice.

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