Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Receives Gifted Beyoncé Tickets Amid Increased Scrutiny On Supreme Court Gifts

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Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was recently revealed to have received complimentary tickets to a Beyoncé concert last year, according to her personal finance disclosures made public on Friday, June, 7.

This revelation comes as Supreme Court justices face mounting pressure to disclose gifts and potential conflicts of interest.

In her financial disclosure, Justice Jackson noted receiving a $3,712 gift of four concert tickets from Beyoncé.

The disclosure did not specify which concert Jackson attended or the circumstances under which the tickets were gifted.

A Supreme Court spokesperson confirmed the gift, humorously adding to The Washington Post:

“Justice Jackson is Crazy in Love with Beyoncé’s music. Who isn’t?”

Jackson, who had the highest outside income of any justice last year, also reported receiving nearly $900,000 from Penguin Random House as an advance for her memoir, valued at $3 million.

Beyoncé also extended her generosity to Vice President Kamala Harris, gifting her tickets to the Renaissance World Tour last August during its stop in the D.C. area.

Harris shared a picture on social media with her husband, captioned: “Thanks for a fun date night, @Beyonce!” Harris’ financial disclosures, released in May, valued the tickets at about $1,655.

The financial disclosure documents for Supreme Court justices, released Friday, come amidst heightened scrutiny and recent allegations of ethical violations and conflicts of interest.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh reported receiving $340,000 from Regnery Publishing for a book deal, and Justice Neil Gorsuch disclosed receiving $250,000 from HarperCollins.

Justice Clarence Thomas amended past disclosures to include two trips funded by real estate magnate Harlan Crow after facing criticism for not previously reporting them.

Forbes estimated Jackson’s net worth at approximately $2 million in February, tying her with Kavanaugh for the lowest net worth among the justices.

Eric Columbus, a special litigation counsel for the House, expressed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that he doesn’t believe Beyoncé was attempting to influence the justice, nor that free tickets could sway Jackson, such gifts should be prohibited.

He said unless there was a preexisting friendship such gifts should not be allowed, stating:

“She shouldn’t accept gifts like this and the rules shouldn’t allow it.”

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