GRAPHIC: Woman, 21, Fatally Shot After Holding Walmart Employee Hostage

by Xara Aziz
Voiced by Amazon Polly

An Arkansas woman was fatally shot Wednesday after holding a Walmart employee hostage, according to an ABC News report.

Twenty-one-year-old Corlunda McGinister is now dead after demanding to speak to a news anchor after she held a woman against her will. Moments later, a member of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety shot her.

In shocking video that circulated online, McGinister is seen holding a weapon in one hand while using the other to grasp the vest of the visibly shaken Walmart employee.

“Get a news anchor here now!” the woman yelled. In the background, witnesses were pleading with her to release the employee.

After police arrived on the scene, McGinister failed to adhere to officers’ commands to drop the weapon. She responded by stating she did not intend to hurt the employee.

At the time of the incident – which took place in the early evening hours –  Richland Police Department released a statement.

“RPD is working an incident at Walmart involving a weapon. The scene is secure and we will provide updates when they become available,” the statement said.

Hours later, they released another statement confirming an “officer-involved shooting.”

“RPD had an officer-involved shooting this evening at Walmart,” they wrote “All of our officers are safe. Walmart is secure and closed at this time. MBI will be conducting an independent investigation.”

They later confirmed that the suspect was fatally shot. No one was injured during the shooting.

“It’s devastating for all parties involved — the officers, everybody that was involved in this situation,” Richland Police Chief Nick McLendonsaid. “You know, with the Christmas season coming, mental health is a big deal because of the stress involved in the Christmas season.”

McLendon advised that anyone who knows of someone struggling with mental illness should not hesitate to seek help.

“If you see something, say something,” he concluded.

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