‘GUHHATL’s Jhonni Blaze Explains Disappearance: ‘I Took a Mental Break’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Jhonni Blaze, star of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” is responding to claims that she faked her disappearance for attention.

Jhonni posted a troubling message to Instagram before wiping her page. Friends of the reality television star took to social media to raise the alarm — they said they had not heard from the star for days.

“I took a mental break. I’m done explaining the reasons why. It doesn’t help me heal,” she wrote on Instagram.

She continued: “You bashing me because you don’t understand depression doesn’t help me. The black community frowning on depression because we been through so much so we don’t believe it’s real is not helping me. People claiming to be a friend but be the only one who runs to a blog and bash me then can’t even publicly say sorry for lying won’t help me. I don’t know how to sugar code [sic] I only know the true feelings of what I posted and I meant every dam word because that’s what I felt inside.”

Mega Meezy, who is also the manager of rapper 21 Savage and a concerned friend of Jhonni’s — revealed he had been trying to get ahold of her. After The Neighborhood Talk reported that she was “fine,” Meezy blasted her on Instagram after finding out that Jhonni had been keeping her private OnlyFans subscribers abreast of her whereabouts.

“The weirdest s—t you could ever do is fake like u killed yourself or went missing for days,” wrote Meezy. “Just for folks on your onlyfans private messages to know u ok,” he continued. “But everyone else don’t.”

Meezy concludes, “Bruh -__- people are weird and imma just pray for em from a distance.”

Jhonni appears to be upset by all of the drama, but even Meezy’s reaction seemed to be out of genuine concern.

Jhonni’s original post has since been deleted. The message read:

“S—t don’t make Sense how much pain I can consume. S—t be on the edge for me and tonight I’m done y’all won,” she wrote. “I won’t leave no memories cus y’all didn’t care to leave genuine ones with me.”

The post was captioned, “I’m tired see how it’s feels when im gone . They laughed at my hurt my@pain my feelings and played ! people think having mental issues is to be laughed at and to down you let’s see you laugh when I’m dead.”

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