Halle Bailey’s Baby Daddy DDG Goes Viral After Saying A Prenup Is ‘Reasonable’

by Grace Somes
Halle Bailey and DDG || Image credit: @hallebailey @ddg

Once again, Halle Bailey and her boyfriend DDG are making waves after she shared his thoughts on getting a prenup before they tie the knot. 

During a recent interview, the question of prenups popped up, and DDG’s answer has divided the internet.

The young couple who welcomed their son, Halo, in December 2023 have always had their relationship scrutinized by fans, especially when they decided to hide their pregnancy

In a new episode of #KeepIt100, DDG stepped in and had to reveal his thoughts and plans regarding his relationship with the “Little Mermaid” actress

The interviewer asked, “I gotta ask, do you plan to put a ring on our mermaids’ finger?”

The rapper replied without hesitation, “Yeah, eventually. Like you know, it’s something that’s gonna happen. You know, the whole baby stuff was not planned. So it’s just like I don’t want to plan that either. But life just happened, and I feel like we gotta move at our own pace at this point. 

DDG also disclosed his perspective on having a legally binding financial contract before marriage

“I think that’s reasonable. Let’s just say we get married, right, and we don’t get a prenup,” the YouTuber began. 

“Let’s say Halle makes a million dollars on a movie. Why should I get fifty million dollars?” he continued. “I just feel like it definitely makes sense, especially when you are both doing your own thing, and you’ve both got your own money.”


DDG also shared his thoughts on going 50/50 with his woman. He replied that he didn’t believe in financial equality, detailing how the man was supposed to do some things.

“As a man, you know, she would never pay for dinner. She would never pay on her Uber or trips and flights,” DDG declared. 

What are y’all thoughts on their relationship? 

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