HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Renewed for Second Season

by Shine My Crown Staff
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HBO Max announced that its “Gossip Girl” reboot has been renewed for a second season.

The show debuted in July with just six episodes, with the remaining six episodes premiering in November.

The first season starred Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith with Todd Almond, Adam Chanler-Berat, Johnathan Fernandez and Jason Gotay.

“GOSSIP GIRL saw record viewership over its first weekend on the platform and also took over Twitter in the No. 1 trending spot,” the press release reads. “The series had 15 billion total social impressions at launch and the series gained around 5.2 billion impressions from content inspired by the series on TikTok.”

Unlike the original series, the reboot is much more diverse. The two main characters are both women of color.

Alexander plays Julien — an influencer and rising model attending NYC’s most elite high school — Constance, who faces an identity crisis after inviting her half-sister, Zoya Lott, played Peak, to join Constance.

Alexander, who sports a buzzcut on the show, recently talked with Glamour Magazine about her edgy style on the show. She says making the decision to have the big chop was freeing.

“My natural hair grows upwards and I do have very curly hair but with very complicated mixed textures. I did have really positive experiences with getting braids done and built a really nice, spiritual connection with my hair, but I’m also a really low-maintenance person,” she explained.

“Having to think about it all the time was just stressful. When I moved out of my parents’ house and I didn’t have my sisters to help me, I was like: ‘I can’t do this!’ So, one time I was just in my apartment and I got my girlfriend at the time to just shave my head. That was 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.”

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