Heat: Chrisean Rock Claps Back At Summer Walker, Again – “3 Kids, No Man…”

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and Summer Walker || image credit: @chriseanchriseanchrisean @summerwalker

Chrisean Rock isn’t holding back anymore! And we all don’t know how to feel about it – Ouch.

Chrisean Rock and Summer Walker had been on the TL the past week after Summer impersonated Chrisean for Halloween, down to a blackened tooth and holding a doll baby unsafely.

The “Vibe” hitmaker was unhappy about the viral clip and called out Summer for posing as a “fake friend in her DMs.” She described Summer as insensitive, saying the singer could have used her “influence” for something positive.

Summer responded with a disclaimer about the viral video, saying it was just for laughs.

“Please do not take my humor seriously. My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor & Katt Williams. They say shit and don’t give AF. I know this generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh and move on, but, yeah.”

But not before she sneak dissed Chrisean Rock over the rapper’s past behavior, where she allegedly attacked women who “looked at her funny.”

“But ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging bs across the ground and dumbing h*s in sinks just fo looking at you funny. Let’s please tighten up. It was never that serious,” Summer replied on her Insta story.

Now Chrisean Rock is back with full fury and no restraint over her mouth during her Instagram Live.

She went bizarre on Summer Walker, dragging the singer’s cosmetic surgery and children into the mix, saying, “You’ve got three kids and no nicca. And a messed up BBL.”

Before Chrisean went live, she posted the message on X, formerly Twitter, but has since taken the post down after sharing a note in her DMs telling her to stop the beef.

How do you think Summer Walker will respond after Chrisean dragged her kids into it?

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