Elegant Nude Pumps For Women Of Color By @HouseNo3028

by Yah Yah

House No: 3028 LLC is the brainchild of sister and brother duo, Thressa Pine-Smith and Norrell Casey. Inspired by Thressa’s inability to find nude that matched, complimented or contrasted the skin tones of women of color and were also affordable. Coming in six delectable shades (Honey, Cookie, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Brownie, and Cacao), the NU PUMPS are revolutionizing the shoe came for Black and Brown women.

ShineMyCrown.com spoke to House No: 3028 co-founder Thressa Pine-Smith about her brand.

ShineMyCrown: Before starting your line, were there ANY nude shoes for women of color?

Thressa Smith: Yes, Louboutin actually had them first which was part of my inspiration, the fact that I couldn’t afford them. After we released, we did get a few competitors that gave us a run for our money, but we think we’re doing okay.

SMC: How long did House No: 3028 line take from its inception to execution?

TS: I took about three months between finalizing the design, receiving the samples, and building the website.

SMC: How did you come up with the name?

TS: House No. 3028 a family business owned by my brother Norrell & I and so everything we do is done to honor our family. The name “House No. 3028” is the house number of our childhood house we lost due to bankruptcy when we were kids, our ultimate goal is to buy back the house for our mother.

SMC: Do you feel that designers care about representing women of color?

TS: I would hope so. I can’t speak for other designers. I love what Rihanna’s line is doing for women of color showing our buying power while still reflecting all these different shades of beautiful women.

SMC: More and more brands are trying to be more inclusive with their lines. Do you feel this is a legitimate response to fill a much-needed gap in the market, or is it just a money grab?

TS: This is the fashion business, so of course, people are trying to get their coin. I do feel like this has exposed our buying power and companies are going to have to really work for our dollars because we all see what’s going on.

SMC: How many shades of nude does your line currently cover?

TS: House No. 3028 currently has six shades that cover a wide spectrum, but we do have more shades in the pipeline.

SMC: Do you have plans to expand your line? If so, how?

TS: Definitely. In November we’re releasing a matte 4.75” version of the NU PUMP. I’m our most loyal customer, so I’m gonna need a flat, a sandal, a sneaker, a high heel, the list goes on and on.

SMC: What have been some of the highs and lows of this process?

TS: The best part of this process are women’s reactions a good pair of shoes can make women so happy and then when they see the shade range the reactions are always so good!

SMC: Where can our readers purchase a pair?

TS: You can purchase a pair of Nu Pumps at thirtytywentyeight.com.

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