Howard Stern Condemns Oprah for Being Rich: ‘I Don’t Think People Should Show Off Their Wealth’

by Xara Aziz

One of the perils of wealth is the criticism some receive for how they choose to spend their money. Well, Howard Stern is one of those critics, who recently accused media mogul and global icon Oprah Winfrey of “showing off” and “lacking self-awareness.”

In a recent rant on his popular Sirius XM radio show Monday, the controversial personality admitted that he makes “a good living” but has trouble watching Oprah.

“I go, wow. Look what’s going on over there?” he ranted to his co-host Robin Quivers. “Her estate is unbelievable. When she goes shopping, she goes shopping in her backyard cause everything is growing back there. There’s a farm back there … Oprah’s not embarrassed by her wealth at all.”

He added that the Mississippi-born billionaire “knows how to be rich,” ridiculed her for employing “servants” and admonished her for hiring “people who serve her.”

He didn’t stop there. He continued to fume about Oprah’s riches. “It’s f*cking mind-blowing when you follow her on Instagram. She kind of likes to show it off, which is something I’m not comfortable with. I don’t think people should show off their wealth.”

Auntie Oprah – obviously – has not responded to Stern’s comments. She’s probably too busy securing her next billion or lounging poolside while sipping lemonade from the fresh-grown organic lemons she grows in her backyard (shrugs).

Stern, admittedly, isn’t doing too bad himself. The radio show host rakes in a cool $120 million each year and has a net worth of about $650 million, according to Yahoo Finance. Oprah, on the other hand, is worth an estimated $2.5 billion, according to Forbes.  

The comedian and author did praise Oprah’s annual initiative to support South African girls and applauded the work she does at The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, where she provides full-ride scholarships to South Africa’s top women students.

Oprah currently sits comfortably on Forbes’ lists, including making the publication’s 2022 Power Women and being named one of 2022’s America’s Self-Made Women.

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