Pam Grier Confirms She is Working with Cardi B in Upcoming Project

by Xara Aziz

The legendary Pam Grier is showing the world she’s still down with trends in pop culture after she revealed that she is teaming up with Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B for an upcoming project.

The Foxy Brown star opened up to Rolling Stone in a recent interview stating that she is “writing something for me and Cardi B.”

The 73-year-old didn’t offer much details, although she did gush over how much she loved the Bronx rapper’s music and added that she enjoyed her hit single WAP, the controversial record featuring Megan Thee Stallion. The record, released in 2020, would top Billboard charts and set new records in streaming.

“I love Cardi and ‘WAP.’ I love Megan Thee Stallion. I told her, ‘You and your artistry are beautiful. People are gonna punk you because a stallion is a male horse, but there’s some really foxy mares!’” Grier said. “She’s really good. She went to college.”

She continued to offer advice to other up-and-coming entertainers in the industry. “You got to have your goals. You’re gonna have haters, you’re gonna have jealousy, but just do your art, do your passion from your heart. She [Megan] and Lizzo and Nicki Minaj and some of the others, they know — you gotta make your own style. You get to hire people later. But you come up with your own stuff, then you just draw people like a magnet, so collaborators make you greater and greater. I want them to find that.”

Grier currently lives in New Mexico and still appears on the big screen in films like Poms and the TV show This is Us. But she says she never lost her knack for making films. She credits Kasi Lemmons’s 2019 filmHarriet as one film she says is telling the narrative of Black people in a way she would have liked to have done. “Those could have been my films if I had been a filmmaker earlier,” said the bourgeoning filmmaker who stars in Turner Classic Movies’ The Plot Thickens. “I’m catching up now.”

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