India Arie: ‘The Music Industry Is Racist. Sexist. Deceitful’

by Yah Yah
Voiced by Amazon Polly

It’s that time of year when people upload their 10-year-challenge pictures to Instagram, but India.Arie says looking back at her old photos only brings up bad memories.

“Seeing old pictures reminds me of how TRASH the music industry is. SHEER and utter Trash. The music industry is racist. sexist. deceitful. It steals from artists. Trash,” the “I Am Not My Hair” singer wrote on Instagram Story.

“I’ll never heal from all of it. Because some of it shaped my life in ways I can’t get back. BUT! I LOOOOOOVE who I am. So, I imagine the journey was all meant to be. But those old pictures. The industry made me feel like I WASN’T beautiful. I can tell you some STORIES HONEY! But in truth ~ I was just way ahead if my time.”

India.Arie burst into the music scene in 2001 with her debut album “Acoustic Soul.” Fans fell in love with her all-natural style. Her long, wavy locs, colorful, flowy skirts and mantras of self-love.

India.Arie has sold over 3.3 million records in the United States alone… and 10 million worldwide. The singer hand an impressive four Grammy Awards under her belt— and a whopping 23 nominations.

However, all was was not well behind the scenes. The singer has been going through it, which might explain her withdrawal from the mainstream spotlight.

“And to everyone who in the industry who hurt used SUED Played Stole from betrayed ME. THANK YOU.”

Last year, the singer, who is also a certified wellness practitioner, sat down for an interview with Forbes.

“All my music comes from personal adversity. People who really listen know because it speaks to them about their own personal adversity. If you just listen to the music, it’s pretty, but you miss it,” she explained. “If you listen to the song you hear a person who is working through things. With the song, “I Am Light,” for somebody to say, “I am not the things my family did,” that alone makes you ask, “What did they do to you? You had to have been there to know to sing that.” So I’m not the voices in my head; I’m not the pieces of the brokenness inside.”

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