Stormi Steele Shatters Records: First to Hit $1M Sales in a Single TikTok Live Stream

by Grace Somes
Stormi Steele || Image credit: @canvasgirlbeauty

Stormi Steele has made history by being the first person in the U.S. to earn $1 million from a single TikTok Live stream, in an unheard-of feat of entrepreneurial skill.

Stormi Steele, the visionary founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty, has harnessed the power of TikTok in a way that has not only propelled her company to new heights but also sparked our curiosity about this social media giant’s untapped potential. Her strategic platform use is a masterclass in modern marketing, a testament to the power of innovation and adaptability in the business world.

The creator and CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand has once again demonstrated her adeptness at using social media to propel her company’s success.

Steele’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination. She started her 100-square-foot, handmade hair and body product line in her tiny kitchen, a humble beginning that has now blossomed into a successful business.

On a recent TikTok Live stream, Steele captivated her audience with her dynamic personality and compelling product line presentation. As viewers tuned in to watch her showcase the latest offerings from Canvas Beauty Brand, sales began to skyrocket. By the end of the stream, Steele had reached the $1 million mark and set a new benchmark for live-stream shopping in the U.S.

Steele celebrated her milestone with a photo of her TikTok shop, captioned: “Yesterday was a MOVIE! I literally can’t believe that I… a black girl from a no-stoplight town in Mississippi, will go down in history with one of the biggest companies in the world “TikTok” as being THE FIRST person and brand to hit 1 MILLION dollars in sales from a single live stream in the entire UNITED STATES!!!

“What we did will help 100s if not thousands of entrepreneurs and brands after us change the landscape of e-commerce as we know it today! I ran soooo yall could walk! And I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity! I almost lost my company last year, so to be here today is nothing but GOD, and I don’t take a single moment for granted!”

Canvas Beauty Brand is expected to generate $6 million in monthly sales. Thanks to TikTok, the company expanded from six to sixty employees in six months.

Brands interested in promoting on TikTok will find great interest in some of the new features the social media platform continues to add. The most popular product TikTok offers in social commerce, TikTok Shopping, has launched after almost a year of testing. With this, TikTok is making a major foray into the realm of eCommerce.

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