Jaidyn Alexis Bans Chrisean Rock From Her Kids, Questions If Blueface Is The Baby’s Father In Shocking Tell-All

by Grace Somes
Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock

Jaidyn says Blueface may not be the father of Chrisean Rock’s son. “Right now, I don’t know if he’s claiming it or not. He changes it every day.”

Blueface’s soon-to-be wife is treading their new “situation” (referring to Chrisean’s baby) with caution.

The “Stewie” rapper got real on the BehindTheLikesPod about co-parenting with Chrisean Rock.

Jaidyn and Chrisean have not had the best relationship as Blueface continues to “mess” with their heads. The two rappers have beefed openly a few times whenever Blueface cheats on either one with the other.

Talking about welcoming Chrisean Malone Junior into her family when she married Blueface, Jaidyn revealed that she prefers to stay on the sidelines.

“I definitely don’t want him to be a deadbeat. I don’t want him to be a deadbeat to my kids. But that’s like a situation I don’t have a say in it. Even if I told him something, he probably won’t listen,” she told Winter.

On Sunday, October 22, Blueface proposed to the “Barbie” rapper, whom he shares two children with, in Los Angeles.

Jaidyn also shared her thoughts on the paternity of Chrisean Junior. When the hosts asked about Blueface taking a DNA test, Jaidyn responded, “Yeah, I think that should happen.”

Before Blueface learned he’s the father of Chrisean’s baby from a DNA that was aired on the Crazy In Love reality show, the rapper had earlier denied being the father.

And as for the confirmation, Jaidyn says she has no idea about that paternity reveal.

“As far as I know. No,” she asserted.

Before ending the interview, Jaidyn Alexis had to clear the air about her potentially becoming the “evil stepmother.” She said she didn’t mind welcoming the baby into her home. It’s the mother who is the problem.

“I don’t want my kids around her.”

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