Jayda Cheaves Reacts After Saying She Wouldn’t Date Poor Men: ‘I Said Exactly How I Felt’

by Grace Somes
Jayda Cheaves || Image credit: @jaydacheaves

Jayda Cheaves is firm with her decision not to date men below her tax bracket.

The social media influencer sparked outrage after making recent comments about her dating preferences. Jayda Cheaves provoked a debate when she stated that she would not date men who make less money than she does, prompting a wave of criticism and support from fans and followers alike.

In a recent interview with the @mworthofgame podcast, the 25-year-old influencer clarified her stance, stating that financial stability is essential in her dating decisions.

“Dating somebody that doesn’t have more, they are going to try to make you feel less than themselves,” Cheaves began. “As a woman, that’s how I feel. I know girls who are more dominant in a relationship as far as financial status is involved, and their boyfriends try to dog them out. Just to make them feel like their not that rich. And I never want to be a part of it.”

Cheaves discussed that a wealthier man had a higher chance of dating her than a poor man.

“If I’m going to be in a relationship, I would rather it be with somebody who can benefit me rather than somebody who is taking away from me,” she concluded.


Soon after the video hit the internet, social media quickly became inundated with discussions about whether financial compatibility should govern romantic relationships. Some accused Cheaves of encouraging materialism and superficiality in relationships.

Despite the backlash, Cheaves remains unapologetic about her dating standards.
During a live session, a follower pointed out the recent discussion, saying that Cheaves is a “sad” girl. She promptly responded to keep the querying fan in check.


“I said exactly what I felt. I said exactly what I felt, and the real boss chicks would feel me. And if you don’t feel me, it just wasn’t for you,” she affirmed.

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