Attorney Shymane Robinson Launches Law Firm with Best Friend and Sister to Empower Black Communities

by Gee NY
Attorney Shymane Robinson

African-American attorney Shymane Robinson has embarked on a transformative journey with the launch of True Lawyer – a law firm specializing in real estate and trademark law.

The move is aimed at empowering Black communities by facilitating wealth accumulation, protection, and transfer for investors.

Robinson’s decision to establish the firm alongside her best friend and sister underscores the power of collaboration among women in the business world.

Reflecting on her journey, Robinson shared that the pivotal moment came during her academic pursuits when a professor presented her with the false dichotomy of choosing between excelling as a lawyer or as a mother.

Rejecting this notion, she realized that traditional corporate settings did not align with her vision of achieving work-life balance.

This realization fueled her drive to carve out her path and pursue ownership and autonomy in her legal career.

With three years of experience leading True Lawyer, Robinson has built a reputable national law firm dedicated to community transformation through investor assistance.

True Lawyer defines investors as individuals who allocate funds with the expectation of future profit or advantage.

The firm is committed to helping investors accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth while also offering affordable flat-rate services to ensure equitable access to legal assistance.

In an era where Black wealth is projected to decline, True Lawyer stands as a beacon of accessible legal representation, providing services for real estate transactions, business establishment, brand protection, and wealth transfer.

The firm’s mission to bridge the wealth gap within the Black community resonates deeply, as it extends legal representation to clients regardless of financial status, thereby fostering empowerment and prosperity.

True Lawyer’s dedication to transforming Black communities underscores its commitment to equitable access and justice. Learn more about their mission and services at

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