Joe Biden’s Senior Advisor Karine Jean-Pierre on Why She Took on the Role

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Karine Jean-Pierre is currently making waves serving as Senior Advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a recent interview, Jean-Pierre explained her motivations for taking on the role — she says she did it all for her son.

“I felt like this is my job as a mom to step in. I thought about my six year-old and I thought about what kind of planet or world or country are we going to be leaving to her and her peers”, she told HollywoodLife. “I’m a Black woman, I’m a gay woman and I’m an immigrant. And Donald Trump, he is someone who hates everything I am.”

Prior to accepting the role, Jean-Pierre had been taking a backseat to focus on her family. But she soon saw that Biden would land the Democratic nomination and decided to take him up on his offer.

“I thought, I got to do everything I can, and if November came around and I didn’t, I knew I would regret not jumping in,” she said. “I also knew Joe Biden. I think that he is going to be the leader that we need in this moment. I know he’s going to bring change. He’s going to bring back decency to the office, and he’s going to move this country in a way that it needs to save our democracy.”

Jean-Pierre is openly critical of President Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump has repeatedly ignored medical experts’ advice, bullied the CDC into revising their guidelines for children returning to school, and has placed the country’s flagging economy ahead of American lives.

She says Biden’s response has been a stark contrast to Trump’s.

“You’ve seen Joe Biden stepping into that void, talking about how we need to have more testing and how he would activate the federal government. Activate it to make sure people of color, Native Americans and older citizens are taken care of better because they are the ones hardest hit. Make sure we are listening to the experts, that if we are going to open up we do it with a safe plan that is done by listening to the experts.”

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