JT Launches No Bars Reform to Help Jailed Women Rehabilitate Back into Society

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @thegirljt

One-half of the rap duo City Girls is receiving accolade for a new initiative she has launched for formerly incarcerated women.

No Bars Reform was inspired by the Twerkulator star, JT, who did a two-year bid in prison for credit card fraud charges. According to the organization’s website, the mission is to help women who have recently been released from jail to acclimate back into society.

“After spending almost two years in a Florida Prison before being released in 2020, JT has vowed to use her voice and platform to help other incarcerated women rehabilitate into society by assisting with resources such as therapy, job placement, social services, and housing,” reads a statement on its website.

The non-profit was launched the same day JT released a freestyle bearing the same name. She said she hopes the song will allow people to see her for the woman she really is and not as an ex-convict.

“No bars is a freestyle I made in the studio when I was having one of those days,” JT wrote in a statement. “At the time like most of the time ppl were doubting me and questioning why I wasn’t as visual and vocal as others! Not knowing me personally”

She continued: “I’d read the craziest things about myself and would want to scream but instead I went to the studio and popped my shit! I know most of y’all heard it but for those who haven’t I hope this freestyle finds you in a great place and is a start of the respect I deserve in music. I love music! I love my voice! I love poppin my sh*t.”

Shortly after City Girls released their debut single, Fu*k Dat Ni**a” in 2017, JT was arrested, charged and convicted of aggravated identity theft on fraudulent credit card charges. She was subsequently charged to 24 months in prison and released in 2019.

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