Kamala Harris Admits She’s Picked Up Bad Habit Since Becoming VP: ‘It’s F*cked Up’

by Xara Aziz

Vice President Harris recently admitted that she has been using more curse words since taking office in 2021. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Harris used the f-word while discussing abortion cases before the Supreme Court and her efforts to challenge the political status quo in America. Alex Morris from Rolling Stone highlighted Harris’s tendency to curse, referencing a speech she gave last month at the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership summit, where she also used the f-word.

“We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open. Sometimes they won’t, and then you need to kick that f*cking door down,” Harris said to the summit’s audience, sparking cheers. “Excuse my language,” she added. 

Morris then asked: “My work has almost always been fueled by challenging the premise and not accepting tradition. As you said a few days ago at a legislative summit, you kicked the f*cking door down, right?”

“What have I done differently since I’ve been in this office? I curse more!”

She continued: “Although, kind of. I don’t know. It’s not a new language to me, and I think when one speaks the language, one should get the pronunciation down. My pronunciation is very good, thank you very much! When people hear ‘status quo,’ they think, ‘Oh, static.’ But let me tell you — and it’s a learned experience for me — status quo is anything but static. Status quo is quite dynamic. You start trying to change status quo, you f— with status quo, it will fight you.”

The reporter also recalled Harris’s colorful reaction during an April trip to a Supreme Court hearing on whether state abortion restrictions can be overridden by federal law. The case questions if Idaho hospitals can defy Biden administration orders to perform emergency abortions. Rolling Stone captured Harris’s fiery words as she rode through New York City in a motorcade. Morris wrote: “She had anticipated, she went on to explain, the many legal battles and unintended consequences the fall of Roe would have. And she’d envisioned how those consequences would play out, not just for women having miscarriages or dangerous pregnancy complications, but also for the health care providers trying to care for them.”

“’It’s f—ed up,” Harris said, lowering her voice when she said the word “f*cked,” according to the reporter.

Morris commended Harris for the irritation displayed, writing, “These qualities — a prosecutor’s inclination to think three or four steps ahead, combined with a sensitivity to how policy unfolds to affect real people, combined with a righteous indignation at what that effect might be — have always been Harris’ strengths.”

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