Popular Black-Owned Tea Bar In Charlotte Expands To Bring Organic Tea Goodness To Thousands More

by Gee NY

Sherry Waters, the visionary behind The Pauline Tea-Bar Apothecary, is set to extend her tranquil oasis to a new location in West Charlotte, NC.

Founded on Waters’ deep-rooted experiences in spiritual care and community service, the tea lounge aims to provide patrons with a sanctuary for restoration and serenity.

Drawing from her background as a community chaplain and personal stewardship coach, Waters established the first Pauline Tea-Bar Apothecary in July 2019, driven by a desire to offer respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Now, with the impending opening of the second location in January 2024, Waters is poised to welcome a fresh wave of visitors seeking solace amid their busy lives.

According to The Charlotte Observer, the expansion comes as part of a larger revitalization effort spearheaded by Historic West End Partners, with a focus on bolstering Black-owned businesses.

Waters’ tea lounge will be joined by other enterprises like Family Mankind Counseling, 704 Cleaners, and Black Pearl Vision, aligning with the district’s master plan for the Oaklawn area.

Expressing her gratitude to the community for their unwavering support, Waters took to Instagram to highlight the resources that have facilitated the new endeavor.

Among these is a grant from LISC Charlotte through the Fifth Third Bank Empowering Black Futures initiative, underscoring the philanthropic spirit and civic responsibility that characterizes Charlotte as an ideal environment for social entrepreneurs to flourish.

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