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Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has sued her record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, after the allegedly barred her from releasing music.

The “Cash Sh*t” rapper is suing the label’s founder Crawford and the label for $1 million.

Last week, Thee Stallion took to Instagram Live and vented to her fans about her current legal battles with the independent label. Megan says that she is signed to two labels — 1501 Ent. and 300 Entertainment. She also clarified in the livestream that she is only signed to Roc Nation Management and not as an artist.

“When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract,” she said. “When I got with Roc Nation, I got management — real management. I got real lawyers, and they was like, ‘Did you know that this was in your contract?’ I was like, ‘Damn, that’s crazy. No, I didn’t know.”

She goes on to say that things with 1501 Ent. only turned sour after she asked to renegotiate her contract.

According to Meg, the terms in the contract state that 1501 Ent. receive 60% of all profits, while Megan has to cough up any costs and fees for producers, artist features, and other costs associated with the star’s marketing needs.

“Soon as I said I want to renegotiate my contract, everything went left,” she said. “So now they telling a b*tch that she can’t drop no music. It’s really just like a greedy game,” she continues before advising young artists to read their record contracts carefully and under advisement on a lawyer.

After the video went viral, Crawford sat down with Billboard, where he accused the rapper of lying and blamed Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z, for her sudden change of heart.

“It’s a whole lie,” says Crawford. “Nothing is true that she said. Me being greedy and taking money from her, that’s crazy. I never tried to take nothing from her. The only thing we ever did was give, give, give.”

He continues, “Let’s talk about your contract. It’s a great contract for a first-timer […] What contract gives parts of their masters and 40% royalties and all that kind of stuff? Ask Jay-Z to pull one of his artists’ first contracts, and let’s compare it to what Megan got… I guarantee they won’t ever show you that.

“Everybody in the industry knows this is what Jay-Z and Roc Nation do: They come in, they find the smallest things wrong with the problem — because there weren’t any problems before she left — and then she says that I didn’t want to negotiate? OK, tell everybody your definition of negotiating. Your definition is, “OK. I’m going to send Suge Knight’s old lawyers to come in, and it’s a stick-up…'” Of course, I’m like, “This isn’t a negotiation. This is a robbery.”

Crawford denies being greedy and says that he expects his artist to honor her original contract.

Thee Stallion has not yet publicly responded to his interview.