Meghan Markle’s ‘Windsor’ Dress In Nigeria Fuels Speculation About Her Motives: ‘Jab or Coincidence?’

by Grace Somes
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle || Image credit: @meghan.markle.official

Meghan Markle unexpectedly honored the Royal Family and, at the same time, fuelled online criticism with her maxi dress in Nigeria.

During her visit to Nigeria, Meghan Markle once again became the center of online debate after being spotted in a dress subtly named “Windsor.”

Opinions are divided among fans: Was Meghan Markle’s dress choice accidental or a subtle jab?

The 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex and her husband, Prince Harry, touched down in the African nation on May 10 for their first formal tour since resigning from their royal positions in 2020

The chief of defense staff, the highest-ranking military official in Nigeria, invited the couple, who arrived in the African nation on Friday. 

Meghan made her public debut wearing a blush silk maxi dress by Heidi Merrick, her second purchase from the California brand in recent weeks. It featured a high neck and cutout back. The ensemble is referred to as the Winsdor gown.

Upon the online release of images from the couple’s visit, social media users promptly detected a faint, potentially inadvertent, reference to Windsor.

Unfortunately, some fans are convinced it is a message that is pointed towards the monarchy.

In 1917, amidst anti-German sentiments in the United Kingdom after World War I, King George V replaced the historic name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha with the House of Windsor, which is the name of the current British royal family

According to the Royal. UK website, Windsor is still “the family name of the current Royal Family,” even though people in the direct line of succession do not use it as their surname. 

Before now, rumors were circulating about Meghan’s wish to move into Windsor Castle, which the Queen supposedly denied. Instead, they made their home at Frogmore Cottage, which they had to give up in 2020 when they resigned from their royal duties. 

Currently, Meghan, who doesn’t live in the royal circle, wears a dress called “Windsor,” which gives the narrative a humorous turn.

According to British photographer and broadcaster Helena Chard, who spoke with Fox News Digital, the three-day visit aims to increase the couple’s public image after they leave their royal duties in 2020.

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