Michael Jackson’s Mother Katherine Jackson Sued By Pop Star’s Son Over $2B Estate Money

by Grace Somes
Kathrine Jackson, Michael Jackson and Blanket Jackson || image credit: @katherinejackson @blamketjackson

Katherine Jackson has been accused of amassing a fortune to the tune of tens of millions since her son, Micheal Jackson’s death. In collaboration with Blanket Jackson, MJ’s Estate claims that Katherine Jackson can pay her legal fees with the money.

22-year-old Blanket Jackson is preventing his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, from using the family’s money to fight an ongoing legal battle.

He claims his 93-year-old grandmother’s ongoing legal battles against the estate’s executors over their recent $600 million deal with Sony are a “waste” of time, and the estate shouldn’t foot the bill for them.

Blanket Jackson is, therefore, suing the matriarch for a legal injunction.

This comes after the grandmother and grandson lost their case against the executors of Michael’s property.

Previously, Katherine and Blanket opposed co-executives John Branca and John McClain’s sale of a large portion of MJ’s catalog. Katherine Jackson told the court that her son would never want his catalog sold.

Grandmother and son argued in court that no transactions involving the King of Pop’s music should occur.

The court eventually ruled against them, favoring the executives’ arguments on using the “Thriller” singer’s money for an undisclosed business deal. The news came just weeks after it was announced that Sony purchased part of Jackson’s back catalog for $600 million.

However, Katherine refused to back down without a fight and decided to appeal the ruling — a move Blanket Jackson stressed in his legal documents was not in his cards, especially if she wanted his father’s estate to foot the bill.

Blanket, aka, says that if his grandmother wants to continue in court, she should use her million-dollar allowance to pay legal fees, not the estate’s money.

According to reports, Michael Jackson’s estate gave his mother a “family allowance” of approximately $1 million in 2020, which she used to cover various legal fees.

The executors also paid for Katherine’s house, and she received an additional $800,000 to renovate her Calabasas property.

When Michael Jackson left his entire fortune to his mother and three children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket.

The youngest of MJ’s children allegedly wants his inheritance left alone and not affected by legal proceedings. He says his grandmother can use her own money.

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