Nicki Minaj Brags About ‘Big Foot’ Success Despite Backlash: “A Rap I Made Up Joking On IG Live In Mins”

by Grace Somes
Nicki Minaj || Image credit: @nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj has fired back at “Big Foot” haters with evidence that the diss track made Apple Music History.

Nicki Minaj released a direct retaliation to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss.” Although many reviews say the track has fallen flat among fans, the Barbz Queen says otherwise. 

Despite Nicki Minaj being criticized over the lyrics of her newly released diss track to Megan, the rapper says that just the audio version has surpassed the “Hiss” music video and full campaign

Nicki Minaj took to her official Instagram platform to boast about the success of the controversial new single

“Imagine being backed by a machine & going up against me, THEE MACHINE. Imagine spending money on a music video & full campaign only for an audio of a blank screen with just my RAPS to get more views. A rap I made up joking on IG LIVE in mins 🎀 Broke APPLE MUSIC & YOUTUBE records,” Nicki Minaj captioned a screenshot of a report from QCWorldwide. 

Remember that QCWorldwide is a Nicki Minaj ‘sympathizer’ site that usually promotes her music. 

“#BigFoot just made APPLE MUSIC hissTORY. Am I dreaming?” Nicki Minaj wrote on another screenshot. “I’m not even kidding. Thanks, guys!!!! Jumped from #5 to #2 now, as well. GO STREAM Y’ALL. Love you also #1 in over 31 countries on iTunes. So to all of those countries: I LOVE YOU FOR LIFE.”

Roman is still out on the battlefield as she went on another tirade, accusing Megan of using fake bots to push her song, “Hiss”.

“NOW WE WAITING ON SPOTIFY!!!!!!! WHO WANNA PLAY WITH NICKI?!?? 🤣 Spotify ain’t gotta lie!!!!!! They REALLY STREAMING my music. 😎 #BigFOOT This is what happens when you think FAKE BOTS, PAID BLOGS & FAKE STUNTS will win the war in 2024 🎀 this is thinking you are that bitch then running into THAT BITCH. #HeavyOnIt @tateko1 lets GOOOOOOOOOOO #GagCITY WHO MAD?!?!!!!!! Idc,” she blasted.

Despite celebrating the track’s streaming success, fans still failed to leave rave reviews typically associated with Minaj’s releases in the comments section. 

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