Pieper James Loses Followers After Shady ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Plot

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Bachelor Nation has sided with Natasha Parker after Pieper James and her boyfriend, Brendan Morais’ plot was exposed this week.

On “Bachelor In Paradise,” Natasha partnered up with Brendan but questioned their connection after fellow islanders informed her that Brendan was rumored to be dating Pieper in the real world.

Brendan dismissed the rumors when confronted by Natasha. He called his dates with Pieper “super casual” and said they’d only met up twice and only spoken for a month.

However, when Pieper arrived on the island and immediately picked Brendan for a date, everybody was suspicious. The pair admitted that they had been seeing each other before filming for the show began — but their stories differed.

Pieper revealed that they had been talking for two months and had hung out at least ten times. She even referred to him as her “boyfriend.” Brendan was later seen speaking unkindly about Natasha. He said that if he hadn’t have chosen her, nobody else would have.

Basically, she should have been grateful.

Natasha accused the couple of using the opportunity to gain “clout.” They appeared to confirm this as they were filmed chatting about how many Twitter followers they had.

On Monday, Pier had more than 83,000 followers. Her followers have since dipped to 79,000.

She shared a message to social media, blaming editors for painting her out to be the villain — but nobody is buying her story.

“Just an [sic] gentle reminder that reality tv isn’t real,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “An edited, produced, and cut down show isn’t going to show you every single thing said and done. An edited and produced show can’t show you conversations that happened before filming between friends.”

Viewers are calling for Pieper and Brendan to be booted from the show. Some of the islanders are questioning why the couple has been allowed to stay on the island.

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