Lil Mama Wants People to Keep the Fake Love If She Dies: ‘Don’t Send Me No Love Notes’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Following the sad, unexpected death of Michael K. Williams, Lil Mama says she does not want folks to give her any fake love whenever she passes away.

“Waking up To This News is Heart Breaking,” she tweeted. “This is Why I Started Giving People Their FLOWERS Before it Became a TREND. People kept asking me ‘Why You Keep posting People Making Me Think Their Dead’ WHY WAIT UNTIL PEOPLE LEAVE THE PHYSICAL REALM TO HONOR THEM MAN.”

The rapper and actress then hopped onto Instagram Story to further make her point.

“You die today 1000 plus people gone post you. You go to jail 1000 plus people gone post you. But while you out here doing your thing only 20 plus people gone post you,” she wrote.

The actress then followed up with a video:

“All I’mma say is this. If you die, and you don’t f—k with me — let me die in peace, please. Don’t send me no love notes. Give as much of a f—k about me when I’m gone as you do when I’m here. Pay it. ‘Oh, Lil Mama died. Great, let’s go get ice cream.’ Do what you’ve been doing. Don’t f—k with me. Pay it.”

Williams was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Monday. Authorities suspect that he died from an overdose. An investigation into the cause of death is ongoing.

The actor has been open about the addiction issues. In 2012, he told he had been addicted to cocaine while working on “The Wire.”

Williams was recently nominated for the 2021 Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a drama series for his role as Montrose Freeman in HBO’s “Lovecraft Country.” He is best known for his portrayal of Omar Little — an openly gay Baltimore stickup man — in the HBO series, “The Wire.”

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