Princeton Professor Receives Threats From DJ Vlad To Get Her Fired Over Kendrick-Drake Beef 

by Grace Somes
Morgan Jerkins and DJ Vlad || Image credit: @morganjerkins @djvlad

Morgan Jerkins, a female Black professor, was targeted by DJ Vlad, who swore to have her fired after he tagged her employer, Princeton University, during the Twitter brawl

DJ Vlad was recently involved in a debate on X, formerly Twitter, concerning his comments regarding Kendrick Lamar’s new diss track, “Not Like Us,” directed at Drake. He commented about the mix, suggesting it could use some improvement. 

As you may have heard, Drake and Kendrick Lamar have a fierce (and seemingly never-ending) rap feud. Although the two musicians have been at odds for a while, the most recent chapter began in March when “Like That” was released. 

The discussion became contentious when Princeton University professor, author, and editor Morgan Jerkins—who is also well-known as the famous producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins’ niece—reacted to Vlad’s criticism of the track’s mix by stressing that he shouldn’t speak about what she called a “Black Folk Affair.”

 “You are WHITE. This is a BLACK FOLK AFFAIR,” Jerkins wrote. 

Vlad didn’t take kindly to the remark and quickly fired back. He questioned if Morgan Jerkins was making the implication that a white person has no business speaking their mind about hip-hop.

Wait, so a professor at @Princeton is telling me that a white person shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinion about Hip-Hop? Is that how you interact with your students?” DJ Vlad asked. 

The situation worsened when Jerkins reaffirmed her position, emphasizing the value of elevating Black voices in conversations about hip-hop culture.  

“What I’m saying is that you put your opinion in a discussion that’s not needed. This conversation is and should center Black people, not you,” Jerkins retorted.

 This only escalated the situation further.

As the conversation went on, Vlad threatened to contact Princeton University regarding Jerkins’ comments and even implied that he might harm her reputation in the workplace.

Social media users promptly responded to Vlad’s threats with great attention. Many criticized his approach and deemed it inappropriate and over-reactionary to try and get “a black woman fired.”

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