Rai King, Wife of Activist Shaun King, Defends Her ‘Lavish Home on the Lake’

by Shine My Crown Staff

NEW JERSEY — Rai King, the wife of activist Shaun King, has hopped onto social media to seemingly defend her husband after a recent report accused him of being a scam artist — profiting off Black pain to buy a luxury 5-bedroom home in New Jersey.

According to the Daily Mail, the five-bedroom, four-bathroom Farrington Lake set the couple back a substantial $842,000. The King’s reportedly purchased the home in November — but in Rai’s name.

“My hope for every little Black girl is that you grow up, get an education (if that’s your path), find love (if that’s your goal) and fulfill every dream you have…⁣” Rai’s Instagram post begins.

“Including the dream of home ownership. I know we mostly lack the generational wealth that allows our parents to gift us down payments for homes like other communities.”⁣

She continues, “And I know we’re often playing catch-up when it comes to gaining the financial literacy skills to set us on the path to home ownership…⁣ And I know there are racist, predatory systems that set up barriers all along the way.”⁣

Rai makes it clear that the home was purchased with her own dollars.

“But eventually, I hope you’re in a place where YOUR OWN hard work, determination, education, and gainful employment allow you to purchase the most beautiful, lovely, sweet home YOUR OWN money can buy. Whether it be a city condo, a country estate, or a “lavish” home on the lake,” she asserts.

“See, this world loves to tell Black women and girls how to stay in their place. They drag our character and question our every achievement. No way we can do these things of our own volition. We must be frauds!⁣”

Rai is a Ph.D. candidate and educator, and last year, she founded Hands In Learning, an “education nonprofit providing high quality, virtual academic and enrichment classes for students all across the world regardless of their ability to pay.”

Weeks back, Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, called Shaun King a “fraud,” and accused him of exploiting Black pain, even indicated that he might have misappropriated funds donated to campaigns seeking justice for her son’s killing.

The activist has constantly spoken out to defend himself, at times offering detailed accounts of his fundraising efforts and the destinations of the monies raised.

The Daily Beast also did a deep dive into King’s spendings last year.

Still, Rai is standing by her man. She says her home purchase is nothing Black women have not been doing for decades.

“But did you know that at the start of the Civil War there were 2,000 Black women across the south officially listed as property owners??? This is during slavery!! And that in 1916 Madame CJ Walker built her own 20,000 sq ft estate??? Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t have…where you do and don’t deserve to live. What place your goals are small enough to fit in-whether it’s 3,000 sq ft or 20,000,” she added.

You can read the full post above.

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