Alegend Jones: 17-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Sexually Assaulted At A Tennessee Group Home Dies Mysteriously

by Gee NY

Shona Garner-White, the mother of Alegend Jones, a 17-year-old girl who tragically passed away while in the custody of a Tennessee group home, is demanding answers surrounding the mysterious circumstances of her daughter’s death.

Allegations of physical abuse by male counselors have surfaced, vehemently denied by the facility, prompting Garner-White to seek legal representation from civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump.

Alegend Jones, who was allegedly beaten, was rushed to the hospital from the Youth Villages Group Home on the Bartlett, Tennessee, campus, just outside Memphis, on November 16.

She succumbed to her injuries the following day, and the Shelby County Medical Examiner has yet to release the autopsy results.

Crump, who spoke to doctors involved in the case, revealed that Jones likely died from a “brain bleed.”

In pursuit of the truth, the family has enlisted a forensic pathologist to conduct an independent autopsy, aiming to uncover the details surrounding the teenager’s untimely demise.

Youth Villages, a nonprofit organization, has not disclosed specific details about the incident but acknowledged a medical emergency involving a young person in their care. The organization cited confidentiality laws regarding mental and behavioral health care for children and denied any abusive or inappropriate interactions.

Contrary to Youth Villages’ statement, Crump alleges that Alegend was subjected to inappropriate actions, including being asked to undress in front of male counselors.

He contends that she was subsequently beaten, and police were only called after a counselor “body slammed” her. The family claims that over a dozen counselors assaulted the teenager upon her return to the group home.

Shona Garner-White, speaking at a press conference, expressed her bewilderment and grief over the tragedy. Her daughter, a sexual assault survivor grappling with mental health issues, had been sent to Youth Villages for assistance just two months before the incident.

“I sent her to Youth Villages to get help, and now they’re sending my baby back in a casket. Youth Villages is supposed to help my kid. I’m never supposed to bury my kid. My kid is supposed to bury me,” said Garner-White.

Alegend Jones’ death is currently under investigation by the Bartlett Police Department and the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

The family, along with their attorney, is pushing for a thorough examination of the events leading to the teenager’s tragic demise, seeking justice for Alegend.

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