Kamala Harris Accompanies President Biden for Black History Month Reception at the White House

by Xara Aziz
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Vice President Kamala Harris is kicking off Black History Month right as she, alongside President Joe Biden, held a reception at the White House in honor of Black History Month.

At the highly attended event, Nijel Murray, a budding philanthropist who created a non-profit helping foster kids attain basic necessities, introduced President Biden to make remarks.

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are investing in our young people,” Murray said. “They’re making sure that all young people, including young people facing hard times, can realize their full potential. That gives me hope. It gives my generation hope.”

As Biden took the stage, he thanked the eventgoers and used the opportunity to applaud Harris for her work as the first woman and first person of color to assume the role as vice president of the nation.

“She’s doing an incredible job in everything from voting rights to reproductive freedom, to economic opportunity, to foreign policy, national security,” said Biden.

According to research from Pew Research, Black voters overwhelmingly showed up at the polls, playing a huge role in his presidential win.

“Black voters remained overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party, voting 92%-8% for Biden,” according to the data,” adding that he received nearly the same percentage of voters as former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton” received in 2016 and Democratic candidates for the U.S. House received in 2018.”

“This community is the reason why I’m standing here,” the president said at the event.

In a 2023 press release, The Biden Administration lauded that it had “worked to advance racial equity and ensure the promise of America for Black Americans and all communities across the country.”

It continued: “From increasing access to homeownership and rooting our discrimination in the housing market to promoting entrepreneurship, from reducing child poverty to historic lows to expanding access to quality affordable healthcare, from advancing voting rights and police accountability to ensuring equal access to a good education, the Biden-Harris Administration is ensuring that all African American families and communities can live with dignity, safety, and respect and enjoy true equal opportunity.”

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