Roslyn Ellerbee, Owner of 3 Thriving Firms, Named Enterprising Woman of the Year 2024

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Trailblazing Business Leader Recognized for Excellence

Roslyn Ellerbee, a prominent Black woman entrepreneur from Atlanta, has been named the 2024 Enterprising Woman of the Year. This prestigious accolade celebrates her remarkable achievements as the owner of three thriving businesses and her commitment to empowering others.

“I am incredibly honored to receive the 2024 Enterprising Woman of the Year award,” said Roslyn. “This recognition reflects not just my hard work and dedication but also the amazing team and support system that surrounds me.”

Diversified Portfolio of Successful Ventures

The history-making business leader’s entrepreneurial journey began with Express Errands & Courier, a successful logistics company she founded in 2012. Ellerbee later expanded her portfolio with Dream Team Digital Marketing and Manifesting Greatness with Roslyn V-360° Business Coaching.

Inspiring and Empowering Communities

Beyond her business ventures, Ellerbee actively mentors early-stage businesses, volunteers at local shelters, and supports youth programs. As a “Big” in the Big Brother Big Sisters Program, she exemplifies her commitment to positively impacting her community.

The Enterprising Woman of the Year award recognizes Ellerbee’s exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and dedication to her businesses and community. Her historic appointment as the first African American female on the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) Board of Directors further underscores her trailblazing impact.

Well-Deserved Recognition for Excellence

In her role on the CLDA Board of Directors, Ellerbee aims to contribute to the organization’s mission of advancing the logistics industry through diversity and forward-thinking initiatives.

Her groundbreaking appointment represents a significant step towards greater representation and inclusivity within the industry. Roslyn Ellerbee’s recognition as the 2024 Enterprising Woman of the Year is a well-deserved accolade.

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