Sharp-Tongued Candace Owens Calls Joe Biden ‘Senile Old Man’ And First Lady ‘Cruel’ In A Harsh Post On Twitter

by Gee NY

Controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens has stirred up a storm once again, leveling scathing criticisms against President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

Owens didn’t mince words, asserting that Biden is not only “a senile old man” but also suffering from “advanced dementia.”

“Joe Biden lived his life as an evil politician and a pervert. Today, he is a senile old man who is suffering from advanced dementia,” Owens declared in a social media post on Friday, June 7.

Adding fuel to the fire, Owens directed her ire at First Lady Jill Biden, accusing her of allowing her husband to endure what she described as “routine, public humiliation.”

“@FLOTUS you are a deranged, cruel woman to allow your husband to go through this routine, public humiliation,” Owens tweeted, addressing the First Lady directly.

These scathing remarks from Owens come amid ongoing debates and concerns regarding President Biden’s cognitive abilities, with some critics suggesting that his age and health may be affecting his performance in office.

Owen’s comments also follow a recent Wall Street Journal article that suggests the President’s mind may be slipping away because he struggles to remember meetings from one day to the next, mixes up key details of his policies and, at times, speaks so softly that aides struggle to hear him.

Amidst the debate about Biden’s mental state, neurologists have been addressing significant misperceptions about the cognitive changes related to aging following a report released by special counsel Robert Hur in March.

The report described President Joe Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

The report, focusing on Biden’s handling of classified documents, highlighted instances where the president struggled to recall specific details, such as the timeframe of his vice presidency and the passing of his late son, Beau Biden.

Despite these findings, Biden has dismissed concerns about his memory during a press conference, asserting that “my memory’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Owens’ latest remarks are sure to reignite discussions surrounding the Biden administration’s leadership and the role of the First Lady in supporting her husband’s presidency.

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