Tamika D. Mallory on ‘Surviving Epstein: ‘A Dead Abuser Isn’t Closure’

by Yah Yah

Tamika D. Mallory, social justice leader, advocate, and activist, has been locked into Lifetime four-part series, ‘Surviving Epstein.’

During a series of tweets about the series, Mallory clearly stated that a “dead abuser” offers no “closure” to the survivors of his alleged crimes.

“A dead abuser isn’t closure. It reminds the survivors there won’t be accountability, there won’t be justice served. #SurvivingEpstein,” she tweeted.

The limited docuseries ran on the anniversary of disgraced financier and alleged sexual predator Epstein’s death. The documentary told the stories of eight survivors with insights from those close to him from August 9-10.

Epstein allegedly used his connections to the rich and famous to guard his predatory behavior with young girls. Recently, his a longtime companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested in New Hampshire on July 2.

Maxwell has emphatically denied charges she enticed underage girls for him to abuse sexually. A judge denied her bail as she faces several very serious charges, including four related to transporting minors for illegal sexual acts, and two for perjury in depositions about her role in Epstein’s crimes.

“Everyone deserves due process including Ghislaine Maxwell, but sis, come on the evidence is mounting, the women are many. How could you live with yourself. #SurvivingEpstein,” Mallory tweeted.

Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ series received a tsunami of public outcry. Compared to Kelly’ public expose, the Epstein backlash has been a mere whimper.

The reason could be that several high profile names have already been linked to Epstein, including British royal Prince Andrew, billionaire tech genius Bill Gates and even former POTUS Bill Clinton.

All vehemently deny being involved in any of Epstein’s illegal activities.

“Beyond Ghislaine, there are others who need to be held accountable for the abuse inflicted against these girls. Anyone who turned a blind eye was COMPLICIT,” Mallory tweets. “This goes for us in our families too. We all have a duty & responsibility to protect vulnerable girls. #SurvivingEpstein”

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