Tammy Rivera’s Daughter Sparks Social Media Drama After Clapping Back at Waka Flocka Flame’s Girlfriend

by Gee NY

Tammy Rivera’s daughter, Charlie Rivera, didn’t hold back when responding to perceived social media jabs from Melanie Montalvo, the new girlfriend of rapper Waka Flocka Flame, directed at her mother.

The drama unfolded after Montalvo shared what many interpreted as veiled messages on her Instagram Stories, seemingly aimed at Tammy Rivera.

Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera were married for over eight years before their separation in 2022. Montalvo’s posts came shortly after Rivera shared an Instagram Story that some saw as a response to Montalvo’s previous posts about her new life with Waka. The exchange escalated when Montalvo shared memes that seemed to criticize Tammy’s past and present.

However, Charlie Rivera swiftly defended her mother on social media, urging Montalvo to tread carefully and reminding her that Tammy was the mother of Waka’s child. Charlie’s post garnered support from fans who praised her loyalty to her family.

Tammy Rivera also took to social media to address the situation, clarifying that she had moved on from her relationship with Waka three years ago.

She expressed frustration with the narrative that suggests she still wants him back and emphasized her desire for peace and happiness. Additionally, Tammy revealed that she had covered up a tattoo of Waka’s name with a new tattoo, indicating her commitment to moving forward.

As the social media drama unfolded, fans weighed in, emphasizing the importance of respecting boundaries, especially when it comes to family dynamics. Despite the public exchange, Tammy Rivera asserted her happiness and prayed for the resolution of the situation.

Neither Waka Flocka Flame nor Melanie Montalvo has commented on the incident, leaving fans to speculate about the dynamics between the former couple and Waka’s new girlfriend.

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