Teen Goes Viral With Stunning Crochet Prom Dress Inspired By Zendaya: ‘I Got Tons Of Compliments’

by Gee NY

Sarah Akinbuwa, an 18-year-old high school student from Boston, has captivated the internet with her self-made crochet prom dress, drawing inspiration from Zendaya’s 2023 SAG Awards ensemble.

Akinbuwa’s pink, strapless floor-length gown, adorned with crocheted roses, a matching shrug, and a handbag, has taken social media by storm.

A TikTok video showcasing her creation has garnered over 25 million views, with viewers lauding her craftsmanship and the dress’s modest $60 cost.

In another TikTok video posted on Akinbuwa’s page, an onlooker is heard in awe, asking, “You made that?” and complimenting the stunning dress.

Background voices in the video echo similar praises as Akinbuwa poses in a bathroom mirror, highlighting the gown’s intricate details.


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Inspired by Zendaya’s Valentino Haute Couture dress adorned with 190 roses, which she wore to the 2023 SAG Awards, Akinbuwa crafted her unique gown in just three days.

Zendaya’s dress, a masterpiece detailed by Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli and styled by Law Roach, involved 1230 hours of global work and 42 people in its creation.

“My friends loved the dress, and I got tons of compliments,” Akinbuwa told People.

Her passion for crochet began at age 12, and she has since been creating custom orders for friends, family, and followers. Her TikTok page, showcasing more of her crochet designs, hints at a promising future in fashion.

With her viral success, Akinbuwa’s aspirations of becoming a fashion designer post-college seem well within reach.

This young designer’s remarkable talent and creativity have already left a significant mark on the fashion world.

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