‘The Color Purple’ star Danielle Brooks Says Taraji P. Henson Saved Them From Lousy Set Conditions – “We Had No Food”

by Grace Somes
Danielle Brooks and Taraji P. Henson || Image credit: @daniebb3 @tarajiphenson

“The Color Purple” stars had an emotional chat with EW about the new movie musical

Danielle Brooks said they dealt with less-than-ideal working conditions while making the iconic movie —until Taraji P Henson intervened and involved Oprah Winfrey.

“I heard about it,” Oprah interjected, and Taraji chimed in, “And you corrected it for us.”

Danielle Brooks revealed they were denied crucial amenities such as dressing rooms and food at the beginning of their rehearsals. The Grammy award-winning actress praised Taraji P. Henson for her role in “getting things fixed.”

“I mean, I have been watching her (Taraji) from the beginning. And to just have someone be a guide for us. Be our voice box. I remember when we first came in for the rehearsal, and they put us all in the same space. We didn’t have our own dressing room at the time. They did not give us food,” Brooks said during a Q&A with The Color Purple cast.

According to Danielle Brooks, the Golden Globe-winning actress stood up for her colleagues and got things done.

“And that’s what I appreciate because you were our voice. But you spoke up for us and showed me how to do that. But what I really enjoyed is your sisterhood is authentic. It is real,” Brooks continued. 

Additionally, Brooks, who played Sofia in the musical, spoke about how she interpreted the poor treatment from the studio.

“A lot of times – and yes, I’ve done a lot of TV and films, specifically independent film, but this is my first studio film. So sometimes you take whatever they give you.”

Many people have compared Barbie and The Color Purple (same studio) and opined that since many of the cast were new to the industry, they opted to underpay the actresses.

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