The Next Rap Queen? Twitter Reacts to Taylour Paige’s Outstanding Feature on Kendrick Lamar’s ‘We Cry Together’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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On Friday, Kendrick Lamar released his first studio album in five years, “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.”

The 18-track album was released just hours ago, and while the entire project has been hailed as a triumph, one track, in particular, stands out, “We Cry Together,” featuring “Zola” actress Taylour Paige. The cut also boasts a rousing Florence and the Machine sample.

On the track, Lamar and Paige portray an embattled couple trapped in a cycle of passion and toxicity.

“I swear, I’m tired of these emotional-ass, ungrateful-ass b—ches// You wanna bring a n—ga down/ Even when I’m tryna do right/ We could go our separate ways right now/ You could move on with your life,” Lamar raps.

A familiar tale for some. But many listeners were surprised to hear Paige hold her own when going toe-to-toe with the Grammy Award-winning emcee.

Playing the part of the girlfriend who has had it with her man’s cheating and disrespect, she bites back, holding nothing back:

“Wastin’ my time and energy tryna be good to you/ Lost friends, family, gained more enemies ’cause of you/ B—ches starin’ at me in Zara, hoes scratchin’ my cars up/ Shoulda followed my mind in ’09 and just moved to Georgia.”

The beat is simplistic, permitting the artists to shine and their vulgar exchanges to hit their targets. Paige speaks for every woman who has found themselves stuck on the nauseous merry-go-round of a relationship you need to but just can’t seem to quit.

“See, you the reason why strong women f—ked up,” Paige raps. “Why they say it’s a man’s world, see, you the reason for Trump/You the reason we overlooked, underpaid, under-booked, under shame.”

She goes for the jugular.

“You the reason Harvey Weinstein had to see his conclusion/You the reason R. Kelly can’t recognize that he’s abusive.”

Her efforts could well result in a Grammy…(or at least a nomination.)

The actress is no stranger to the world of Hip-Hop. Not only is she a classically trained ballerina who, in the past, has worked with celebrity choreographer Debbie Allen (even starring in the visuals for “She Came to Give It to You” by Usher and Nicki Minaj.

However, after he impressive rap debut, she is already being lauded as the standout feature of the project…and maybe even the rap world?

Here’s how Twitter reacted to her extraordinary debut:

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