Tina Turner Sues German Impersonator for Resembling Her Too Closely

by Shine My Crown Staff

Tina Turner has filed a lawsuit against a German impersonator — because she looks too much like her.

Dorothea Coco Fletcher faces legal action because Turner’s team believes she looks too similar to the legendary singer in promotional material — and that her fans will think that the real Turner had come out of retirement to perform.

A court in Cologne previously ruled that the posts could be misleading to consumers. The posters were re-designed, but the Court of Appeals in Cologne determined that the risk of confusion to potential customers didn’t exceed the tribute act’s right to artistic expression.

According to Radar Online, the legal dispute has now reached Germany’s Federal Court of Justice.

Fletcher was born and raised up in Alabama. Growing up, she was inspired by Al Green, BB King, Chaka Khan, but Tina Turner was her most significant influence. She has shared the stage with Bobby Womack and Millie Jackson and also toured with The Platters.

“Tina Turner’s performances differ considerably from those of other artists. I have always been fascinated by her incredible energy and stage presence,” Fletcher once said.

Cofo Ent. ‘s lawyer, Brunhilde Ackermann, says that fans expect a tribute act to look like the stars they impersonate. She also stated that anyone who would actually confuse Fletcher, who is in her 30s with 81-year-old Turner, would be a “chronically stupid person who looks at everything superficially.”

Judge Thomas Koch will decide on the case in February 2022.

Turner retired in 2007 after her last tour.

“My retirement has given me more time to relax and reflect. It offered an opportunity to pursue something I’d wanted to do for decades: write a book about my spiritual journey,” she told the Harvard Business Review. “This time in my life has also given me more time to read, to support the interfaith Beyond Music project, and to spend time just being.”

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