Top 5 Five Afro Babes Protective Hairstyles For Football Season

by Grace Somes
Cornrows-braids Image credit: Spell Magazine

How can you give your team confidence if you’re not feeling confident in your looks? Football season is upon us with its fan hangouts and stadium visits. 

Football season can be harsh on our natural hair. The rigorous outdoor activities expose our crown to heat and sweat, potentially damaging hair follicles. 

A solid protective hairstyle will secure your hair and out of the way for maximum enjoyment. 


These tight, snake-like braids, steeped in history and attached to the scalp, are the best choice for keeping your hair in one place. It’s no wonder that cornrows are a favorite of athletes as it keeps their hair away from their face during the game

Faux Locs

Faux locs are a great choice for football season because they protect your hair while providing a natural Afro-look. They are also perfect for passing as locs without the long-term commitment. 

Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles in African-American communities. The loose-handing woven hairstyle is perfect for keeping your natural hair hidden for several weeks. 


Senegalese Twists, or Marley Twists, are another popular protective style for can rock while cheering from the stands. Marley Twists are more textured, with a bohemian style to it. You can choose the Senegalese Twist if you want something more subtle with small, smooth twists.

Fulani Braids

Do you want to look chic and sporty simultaneously? Fulani braids are the perfect choice for a trendy look. The style features a single braid running down the sides of the face from the center. 

Protective hairstyles protect your hair, but you must remember to properly maintain them so they do not damage your hair beneath. 

Adequately moisturize and condition your hair before wearing a protective hairstyle. Also, wear moisture-absorbing headbans to soak up excessive sweat. 

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